What does VGP stand for ?

VGP = Video Green Print

All of us know green power, lower emission, .... means to improve our living environment.  VGP takes this even one step further, we go for a full "green" platform, from hardware to software, from operators to end-users.  Energy efficiency is key !


Our philosophy

We aim at setting up long-term partnerships with our clients, built on trust and reliability.  We will guide our customer every step of the way, we go the extra mile and together we will concur all challenges. 


What do we offer ?

We build fully secured platforms, featuring high availability, high video picture quality, operator friendly, debugging, expansion, easy adaptation to multi vendors ; we think of your Capex and Opex.  VGP guarantees that every USD spent, will be well invested!

We offer Satellite (DTH/Data, Uplink / Downlink), DVB-T/2, DVB-C, IPTV, OTT, Video Contribution, Datacentre, Video IP Networks, collaboration (Video conferencing, Call manager, ….).  Added value services, Go to market, Training (Remote & onsite), Business case, manage services, System integration (through our partners), Monitoring as a service for MCR and data monitoring (through partners), Creation of RFP & RFQ, SLA (Through Partners), and many more…. 

About Us

A long life experience

We are a team of consultants, all coming from tier one vendors and operators.  We gained experience from working with clients from over 90 countries, with a wide diversity of demands and culture.

Each of us participated in numerous operations and projects from small to very large, both in size and figures.

Our services are affordable, our network and experience are priceless !

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1 Eagle Street, G4 X9A, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.